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I don’t know how popular it was over the past couple of years on your market, but in Hungary if there was an online promotion brief, every second brand manager bought the agencies’ ‘upload your photo, vote and win’ concept. Yeah, very poor…

Even though I’m sure we will see more in 2009, the new generation of brand-related photosharing is also with us. OK, I know the two examples I raise here are not Maghiar-only ones, but I am pretty impressed that are available in Hungarian.



Samsung WOW moments

There are 8 languages in total, it’s too bad that the Hungarian version has become live four days after the launch of the Hungarian online campaign start, but the Facebook api was ready. The conception is simple, the usage of social marketing and the technical solution is inspiring.



Ford Fiesta brandsite

In the meantime, the new Fiesta brandsite is breathtaking. With this co-branding with Flickr, it may be positioned perfectly if wanted to be trendy. The whole conception for me is so modern for our market that I am sure it may stand out. I am not convinced though that it will be a big hit as well, but we’ll see. For a new product release, it is extraordinary. However, I haven’t seen too much online media support yet. If I’ll do something like that, I would show it to everyone. And would make the music available to download. 🙂


Don’t want to be unfair, it is obvious, that such products may appear online only if Hungarians adapt a central development. But keep focused on what’s happening on the market and grab the chances of creating something special. Your customers will appreciate it.


Three weeks passed since the Pickwick banner shot and there is another embarrassing issue I may point here. By the way, guess this one is to be published on fail blog.

This is the closing shot of the banner with two logos:




Complete banner here.

CIB Bank is a key player in the Hungarian banking segment and has become the No. 1 amongst all, regarding online banking services. May a bank that want to attract highly online affinitive TA afford not to pay attention on its quality of branding? Sorry for LEGO, they are just victims of negligence.

I just shot this banner. So professional, I wanted to show it anyway.



1. The big size cursor is a perfect attention grabber.
2. The simple direction is also perfect (Use the cover!) as you can do it normally one way.
3. The education message is the following after the user action: By this action you can save the amount of energy of cooking a dinner. – ain’t it… perfect?

I hope the advertiser will create a series of these type of engaging banners. I would be glad to get engaged and learn simple tricks of saving energy.