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You may find many examples for autotelism when you browse up the most popular Hungarian portals. That’s because most of the advertisers are not educated enough to appear online with their message.

Accordingly, most of them are not worth to mention unless you want to create a funny collection of online ads. However, there is a good initiative by a portal for women, Femina. It’s a new generation of sticky ads.


See the banner on the bottom of the screen that sticked to there no matter where you navigate.


Unfortunately, there is no sense using it – at least not for this advertiser with this creative. It’s a general message for a common product. Unless you have a very good argument using such an inpolite creative format, it’s a bad idea using it. Visitors rather get mad when they realise they have to see it always wherever they navigate inside the portal that is also bad for the media.

When you have a good creative format don’t just use for it’s own sake. Create a conception around it.


That’s a tough issue. A brand manager who’s already worked with at least three agencies (media, creative, digital and additionally BTL and PR) on one campaign may confirm that.

There are always one or two areas she may focus on. Usually, the traditional media (TV, print) or the creative conception. That’s because these two areas may be covered completely over their studies and most of the marketing budget goes to production and TV/print. Even though BTL and online needs more attention due to their complexity, the brand manager split her time – pretty rationally – based on the budget split. If 10% of budget goes to online and 10% goes to BTL then this rate may be applied for her time too.

This situation may be even more tough over holiday seasons. Media has to book TV and print way before the release and production may be in trouble if decisions cannot be made in time. I guess this is what happened with Danone. There was a TV spot a couple of hours ago that was persuading the audience to visit their new website.

Unfortunately, the website was not live yet. OK, it happens – as I wrote, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. But once you know, even in one or two days advance, take the time and design a very simple welcome page to get the people to come back in some days.



The website will be launched on 5th of January, 2009.


It’s pretty sticky for Danone, even if it’s winter holiday season. A harmonic release of an integrated campaign is not easy.