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Over the past couple of years I have noticed that the first two months of the year are not that quiet than it was before. Advertisers wakes up faster agencies work with tighter deadlines in this period.

In February two companies released their augmented reality activation. Samsung designed this microsite for 3d visualization of notebooks. I personally find it very self-centered or rather autotelic but no doubt that it is truly an experience.

The other one is a global activation that has – Thank God! – it’s Hungarian leg too. These days if you visit a Benetton store, you got a nice postcard that has the code on it’s back. It’s pretty bad that the microsite is not localized (only English) but the text on the card is in Hungarian. Accordingly, as Hungarian special characters are not proper on the card I guess the card was localized centrally too. Though, why I really like this activation is that it goes beyond the product level. Check it out!

I hope these activations will be successful so advertisers may be more open to innovative channels that bring more fun into our (their consumers) life.


Since Kirowski‘s last year Xmas activation was so bloody successful, I really looked forward to see how interactive agencies go with this years’ Xmas greetings. OK, this will not be a long post but at least what Carnation presented is available in English. Well, I am afraid that’s all I may list… unless I do this video greeting from them too. I have nothing from Arcus or Neo Interactive either.

In the meatime, there is this fantastic Xmas collection by BannerBlog. It is not Hungarian but is very inspiring. You know, you can’t start planning too early for 2009 winter holiday season…