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If you don’t know what is the current situation in Hungary, you may learn it from here or from here. But if you want to hear a Hungarian insider’s opinion, here you can have it:  There is an impotent government with a moron opposition and all they do is fighting with each other no matter what happens in the country and what people think about them.

Now the problem is that they let talented youngsters (the future of the country) to choose from two choices:
1. They either leave this whole thing and settle down in an other country where their neighbours are not frustrated by paying one of the highest taxes in Europe and get bad healthcare, lack of highways and low salaries in exchange… or
2. They try to find alternative ways to get the most out of their salaries… and I told you that Hungarians are creative. So they look for options not paying taxes or at least not all of them.

Some of them vote for the first opion and many of them the second. Both are bad for the government but the second is worse as government misses this high income and that is the easier way for people who don’t want to leave Hungary. So they worked out an action plan to change the behaviour of these people against paying taxes. The name of the action plan is ‘Új Magyarország’ which means ‘New Hungary’.

They created a website where they put on impressive figures about how much damages these unpaid taxes and affixes cause.

And they have a strong communication that says: ‘Tax Evasion. <with glamour animation> no matter how you gild it this is a fact. Est. yearly HUF 1400 bln is the loss. Fair play in playing taxes as well!’



But it seems they forget two things:
1. People who don’t pay taxes have done this for 10-15 years, and it has become a chic
2. Governments for 18 years has been managing badly this country’s economy and people have no trust that they can spend their money carefully.

This communication is really unilateral so it won’t work like this. Even though the meaning of the domain address: Let’s do it together.  

They expect that people should be loyal to their leaders while they do nothing more than before. Don’t take me wrong. I belive that this communication could be successful (at least I wanna believe it) but only if they show to people that they work with enthusiasm and want to get back people’s trust. They should place their daily schedule, video reports what they have done today for us and use all the channels that provides the opportunity to have a dialogue with people.

In the meantime, they hang on to their privileges like benefits without payoffs and taxes, messy rules in public procurements and central financial system, so this communication is illegitim and will have no positive effect. Just another waste of money. Our money.