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This is not the ideal world as Seth thought, but it still worths a look. Raiffeisen has a TV program for educating people about financial phrases and facts. Many times, captchas are hard to read, so the message of the ad is built on it:

Isn’t that clear? Discernment in finance is crucial. Watch the TV program by Raiffeisen Bank.

Nicely done by the Advertiser as the sponsorship is clickable and directs to a video published on the portal of a TV channel. Even though I don’t think the copy of the ad is strong enough, the idea and the execution is very well done!



The fact is that Hungary took the 13th position in the overall rankings of the 2004 Athens Olympic games medals beating Greece, Canada, Spain and many much bigger countries. You can go back in time, you will find even better results but my guess is that we may be in the top 15 in Beijing too.

Therefore I find it really interesting, that Vodafone marketing decision-makers decided to create online content around the Hungarian Waterpolo Team, even though Volvo has been doing it for ages. (Okay, I know the design is crap but let’s belive that it is because all the money goes to the sport. 🙂 ) Plus Soproni (a Hungarian beer brand) also has an initiative released three month ago to support the waterpolo guys in Beijing here.

Of course, I am happy if sponsorship money helps our sportsmen to have a quality preparation period, or a better lifestyle. But is that a good message for Vodafone to be the No. 3. sponsor of the Hungarian waterpolo? Do they think that fencing, swimming or kayak/canoe is not mainstream enough?

Sponsoring the Olympic Games costs a fortune. But ones you are a sponsor, you have the privilage to place your ad next to widely consumed official content. However, there are only a few media in every country who can broadcast or provide multimedia content of the Olympic Games. And there are many many more who can create their own olympic section without using the official logo, videos, audios or pictures but can still expect a bigger traffic… and sell more ad space.

Here in Hungary the national TV and its sport portal have the rights. But of course all the leading online media players will create its olympic content. As in Europe the Football EC is the current leading sporting event, the media owners are just getting prepared to Beijing. But there is one who already started its content and get the first unofficial sponsor. I’m really curious what people think about unofficial sponsors. Because if for them it doesn’t really make any difference, then there is no worth to burn money to get the official sponsor status as you have many alternative ways to co-brand your brand with the olympic games. I know it’s cheap and have no added value, but it would be interesting to see the size of the unofficial sponsor market…