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In Hungary, from 2007 to 2009 the share of display advertising in all online media spending has dropped with more than 15%. The average CTR of classic banner ads (skyscraper, leaderboards, double banners) is half than 2-3 years ago. New types of online ads appeared.

So if you ask me: Hey MDC, Is banner advertising dying? I’d say: No, I don’t think it’s dying. (Hell I so much like referring to famous quotes). Or at least not the format itself. But the old-fashioned approach of taking an offline creative and animate the object is dead.

Those advertisers using internet just for the sake of having internet in the mediamix and create the banners the way I just wrote may double-check the post-buy analysis and see for themselves that placing ad without funny, interactive, interesting content will lead to frustration. And it’s really not about only the ad formats. It’s rather the fact that planning innovative formats will not work until the content inside is an animated print creative.


Maggi recently released a new TV copy – a locally created one – in which kids help their parents cooking the lunch. The emotional hook in the copy is the little boy who irritantly priggish and consciously talks improper Hungarian. Some may say it is cute though more than 30,000 people on FB joined to groups against this TV copy.

OK, I am sure these people do not represent the TA of the communication though consider that internet connection is a filter to people who are living in the fast lane and may be more open to services that save time for them. Soooo… will you do something with this kid in a viral video on Youtube?