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It could have been the title of my recent post about the online promotions. But in that case it would have been a call while this time, it is an exclamation.

Honestly, I am so tired about the lack of ideas in online promotions. Finally, I may highlight something original that made my day. Okay, it is not very original rather an original mashup of ideas already working on different fields. The communication platform is … eerm … sex, I would say. I’m sure though that the creative agency used something like summer adventures in their presentation to client. Hehh…

The activation is regional and looks like Hungary is the leading country. Interesting. By the way, it is about voting the most sexy girls onto a party boat where the lucky winners also may participate. Check this out:



Now, here comes the critical part. The execution is very very poor. However there are music and video content on the website, the navigation, the web ergonomy, the structure, the design does not fit into the great conception. I mean, I know that Rauch does not have the possibility to spend Unilever’s online budget, but still.

However, why I like this conception, I give them a suggestion for free how to save money: My video capture starts with the display campaign creative appearing on the entry page of Hungary’s most popular social networking portal. A social networking portal always have database targeting possibilities.

Now this campaign’s TA is rather boys than girls (I’m pretty sure most girls don’t vote to see other girls naked by passion) so, why don’t they target the appearance only for boys? The money they saved could go to the production.