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In Hungary, citizens’ legal certainty is really poor. Therefore many times they become frustrated when they have problems with their newly-bought household aplliances. Besides the always changing financial and tax regulations also create an unsecure atmosphere but that’s another topic.

To help Hungarian consumers to prove their rights and be more conscious legally when they consume, the creative agency (Wundermann) has chosen content marketing. I think for the start that’s the best they could do! Create a section on a widely read news portal and direct the users there. Now in this campaign the second step is missing and the whole campaign gets messy from now. Why? Let’s see:

+ They created a section in a popular news portal that can be accessed from a dedicated URL as well.
– They forgot the banner support that would help users to find the section. Instead, they put a banner into the section:

– They created a microsite besides the section which is unnecessary. They should have spent that money for making the section more successful. By the way, I like the graphical navigation of the microsite that helps delivering the message to the audience.

– If you check the domain of the microsite, you may see for yourself that the URL is the agencie’s domain. Here in Hungary it takes two weeks to process a domain address – I guess they forgot to start the process on time. 😦

So, I think the initiative is great but they should be more focused. They should decide whether they want to deliver the message via integrating it to reach more people or create a microsite with limited functions. My money is on the first one. Plus I would suggest them to use the other services the media can offer: video sharing, chat, forums and comments. Make it really a two-way communication because that is needed to educate the people. It seems at the moment for me that there is no will or resource to do that. However that is still more than nothing.

C’mon my fellow Hungarians take advantage on what this section may offer for us!