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Over the past few years I have experienced many times classic ad agencies’ creative teams coming out with online execution ideas. Most of the cases the biggest problem was that they raped the ATL concept to fit into the online creative formats or their directions was just simply not executable due to technical limitations.

This time it’s much more interesting. ATL agency, Akció-NXS created a concept for the web, called Észpénz (something like mind your finances) for people who are not experts on this field but the financial crisis affected their budget very much. And they advertise it online with very simple display creatives.

Unfortunately, they have seriously underestimated the site architecture planning and the UAT parts of the project. After the content itself the second most important thing is how you structure it. When you identify how your visitors arrive your portal you should plan decently the customer journey. How they enter your site and how you want them to leave it.

This is what they forgot. When I enter I don’t know where I am, where and what to start with and what I may benefit if I consume their content. 

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think an ATL agency should be well aware of the facts I collected above, but they should consult it with an expert of the field because I am pretty sure if it comes to entry page conversion rate of this portal (visitors may perform any action on the portal after they entered the site) it sucks.

See it for yourself here (if you understand the language) or watch the short video of the navigation:

Most of the times I have the feeling that creative agencies don’t have any submission to try understanding online specialities. It’s a very special and complex field I know and my mission is to point this out and make it more conscious in order to always provide a better user experience.