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Let’s make it clear: I find it very entertaining on Facebook (Hungarian), when it comes to duplications in inflection, wrong word order or mixed Hunglish sentences. That’s part of the game. We wanted our Hungarian version of Facebook, even myself have 15 winning phrases. We have been creating it for ourselves.


An example for a Facebook application English and Hungarian mix:




But I’m afraid brand communication is different. A brand that has properties like: professional, one of the best quality available, innovative, etc. cannot allow negligence in communication that may harm the brand. Unless…

Unless what? Unless the company wants to associate a human insight to the brand. Accordingly, this is what Nike is doing with the new campaign. Building running communities by giving them a platform for racing. By this occurrence, once they integrate the campaign into community channels and use those resources well, language lameness would be part of the game. However, Nike is doing it on its own microsite, really by the reason of saving budget. They just don’t want to bother with small markets. So their lameness is a real one, a part of a bad quality web development that is not in harmony with Nike’s brand properties.


Nike’s branded Hunglish widget:














This kind of global way of thinking is against today’s marketing trends. I mean personal experiences with the brand. For me, as a Hungarian, it tells me that Nike doesn’t think my engagement is important for them.


Three weeks passed since the Pickwick banner shot and there is another embarrassing issue I may point here. By the way, guess this one is to be published on fail blog.

This is the closing shot of the banner with two logos:




Complete banner here.

CIB Bank is a key player in the Hungarian banking segment and has become the No. 1 amongst all, regarding online banking services. May a bank that want to attract highly online affinitive TA afford not to pay attention on its quality of branding? Sorry for LEGO, they are just victims of negligence.