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I don’t know how such thing may happen. Really. RSS marketing is such an innovative way of advertising that the companies dare to use it may think it twice what message they may place. 12,5% of Hungarian internet users use RSS feeds in any way according to a recent study. That means if you are a medium and have a news feed you may count appr. 1/8 of your readers (of course that may vary depending on the media type but it’s good to calculate with).

If you have a creative concept and want to target those heavy internet users that are already blind enough to see your banners (or may even block any flash content) what kind of call-to-action would you choose?

Here is Bricostore Hungary’s creative:








OK, it’s rather funny. 🙂


I adored the Coke Club concept that is a local initiative by Coca-Cola launched in 2007.

Coke Club is an open-air summer place that has been providing quality music and cultural programs at Lake Balaton (the biggest natural lake in Central-Europe) over the last couple of summer seasons. During the day you play beachvolley or beachsoccer, burn yourself under the sun and get the best Cuba Libre in town or just simply enjoy the clear and cool water of the Lake Balaton. At nights best Hungarian and famous international groups and DJs play music.

The campaign creatives in 2007 and 2008 were simply stunning and demonstrated the quality of the place that was full with designer chillout furnitures like this:














and this:


























For this year Coca-Cola has a new creative agency. As Coke Club opens on Saturday I managed to capture the first banner. Here it is:



It is a crappy rap that has one aim: to draw attention. And what if you get that?!

How may that represent the philosophy of the best chillout place in town?!

How can you fit it into the concept of MTV Icon (best ever music groups that are celebrated at the venue)?!

What is the connection between this performance and the most celebrated DJs that plays the best music on every Friday?!

I was excited by Coke Club this year, but this season started with a disappointment.