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I have this aversion against automotive online ads. Those who read my posts know that I had some critical words against them here or here or there. So, I am the happiest person now that there is something positive I may highlight.

KIA provides 7 years guarantee and has this commercial about the everyday things packed into bubble foil in order to keep their shape. But the guy who drives a KIA can use the car without the package because of the 7 year guarantee, so he does not have to be careful.

The bubble foil creative conception is an excellent opportunity to build the interaction on it:



As you see for yourself, first I didn’t click on the bubble foil so after a while the content faded and the message with the product appeared. That’s fine. But when I started to play with the bubbles after two clicks the car faded again and I couldn’t play anymore. That is a mistake.

I know that the client wants to make users see the product, but this creative is about the interaction. Let users engage with the product by something the brand provides. This time, the bubble foil game. After I started to play around with it I was really disappointed once I couldn’t continue. Does KIA wants to make users feel disappointed or satisfied? If the second one then let them engaged by playing. Once they had enough of playing the message may come. Learn using the interactive possibilities. Correct the creative and see how the number of registrations for the testride growing.