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Forgive me, I will make no other cheap Volvo jokes but this time it was too easy. Why? Read this:

Volvo’s interactive communication was pretty creative recently, due to the C30 release that was targeting urban young people. Here is an example: Mr. Robinson’s Driving School. But what about the other models?

S40 and V50 are rather for families. V50 is the kombi version of S40 so basically they are the same. If I think of Volvo, the first thing it comes to my mind is security. Even though that Renault has more models lately that has the maximum results on Euro NCAP and took over the security as a communication platform. Still, Volvo creates one of the most secure cars in the world – at least I think they do.

In the meantime, here in Hungary auto dealers have to face with a serious problem: taxes are so high on cars that for Hungarians keeping a car is rather a luxury and not a tool that makes their everyday life easier. (The newest trend is by the way that Hungarians buy their cars in Slovakia and drive it with a Slovak license plate – I told you that we are creative.) So the biggest barrier is the price that Volvo wants to build on.

Anyway, what we have for today is a pop-up ad that was published on Startlap (Hungary’s biggest directory page):

Pop-up and pop-under creative formats are pointless in today’s digital world. Pointless because a significant group of people blocks pop-ups (default IE7 setting is blocking pop-ups). And for those ones who don’t block them it is like spam as they didn’t click to see it. Bad choice. Not mentioning that on Startlap there is no way to target the message. Wide reach is guaranteed but without targeting possiblities.

And what about the content of the ad? (not a relevant question as people don’t see it, but let’s just have a look on that)

I know it is a big question whether the product should appear in the spot or not and if so what role it should play. To be honest most of the automotive campaign creatives are boring because it is about the car going in a perfect/natural/digital/whatever environment. The new Lexus ad is an excellent exception for example.

However our ad has no creative idea. The message is that customers can choose where to place extra features in the car. I mean in the age of ABS, ASR, TSP, SIPS, ROPS, BLIS, CBC, EBD, etc. who cares whether there is 24 extras or 27? Is that really a sales argument?

But OK, let’s think that there is a certain group of people who has a strange taste and get excited about the automotive abbreviations. Give them what they want. Create an interactive site where they can add their preferred extra into their virtual S40 or V50. And let’s see what the landing page contains:


There is a picture (like a print creative) that has no interactive function at all. Sorry there is, you can download it in pdf format.

Well, the question is: Why do they do this campaign? Just to have internet in the marketing mix? Or why? Seriously? Because the contras are:

– Boring creative idea
– No online adaptation of the creative idea
– Wrong creative format
– No content on the landing page

Sorry, this time I have no any pro. 😦 A perfect example for a useless online campaign.