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Equilor Facebook adFacebook social ads. Not easy as needs a different approach. I just found an inviting ad targeted to my profile whether I want to take a free voucher to Hungary’s one and only restaurant that has one Michelin star. I think everyone wants one. And this was not the usual spammy ‘you won a car/house/USD 1M/etc’ kind of message that was translated on a very bizarre way by an online translator service, rather a nicely crafted one with good Hungarian.

  The ad doesn’t say anymore about conditions or ways of taking the opportunity or other details that help me to decide whether this is for me or no. But when I click the landing page provides the conditions that might be relevant for a very specific target audience about private financial savings.

We should all be very careful with communicating our messages on Facebook. Facebook is not about awareness it is about engagement. On Facebook you may and should target your message very consciously. Otherwise you may get CTs but no conversions. On Facebook you shouldn’t focus on CTs.


Since my fellow Hungarians translated Facebook to our language, I am really focused about how all the special Facebook language appears for me… and I’m enjoying it. Really. Good job!

I am also very pleased if I see a well-targeted social ad – in Hungarian. This time I show you a very-well positioned ad with a small mistake that makes it totally useless.



(For annotations please click on the video and watch it on Youtube original environment)

As you can see for yourself, they didn’t pay attention to define the click-through URL properly. Therefore the visitor is directed to the blog but may not find the content.

The good thing is that you may optimize the appearance in online campaigns anytime you find an error, somehow you cannot do in print/TV campaigns. The bad thing is that it’s Friday night and noone will take care of it until Monday.

Update: Bloggers work on the weekend too. Saturday afternoon I found the ad on Facebook working properly. That’s what I call vocation!

It could have been the title of my recent post about the online promotions. But in that case it would have been a call while this time, it is an exclamation.

Honestly, I am so tired about the lack of ideas in online promotions. Finally, I may highlight something original that made my day. Okay, it is not very original rather an original mashup of ideas already working on different fields. The communication platform is … eerm … sex, I would say. I’m sure though that the creative agency used something like summer adventures in their presentation to client. Hehh…

The activation is regional and looks like Hungary is the leading country. Interesting. By the way, it is about voting the most sexy girls onto a party boat where the lucky winners also may participate. Check this out:



Now, here comes the critical part. The execution is very very poor. However there are music and video content on the website, the navigation, the web ergonomy, the structure, the design does not fit into the great conception. I mean, I know that Rauch does not have the possibility to spend Unilever’s online budget, but still.

However, why I like this conception, I give them a suggestion for free how to save money: My video capture starts with the display campaign creative appearing on the entry page of Hungary’s most popular social networking portal. A social networking portal always have database targeting possibilities.

Now this campaign’s TA is rather boys than girls (I’m pretty sure most girls don’t vote to see other girls naked by passion) so, why don’t they target the appearance only for boys? The money they saved could go to the production.

Another automotive banner… too bad, ain’t it?! I am really sorry, but I need to highlight it. At least here we have new problems.

This experience really takes me back to the early years of online advertising. We have a static picture on a banner placement. OK, you can say that Jaguar is so luxurious that they are allowed not to use flash animations such as switching on the lights… or a TV copy videobanner is even more cheap so let’s say it is elegant. So is the headline by the way: Explore the XF and some arrows to get visitors to click.

Before I go and see what happens after clicking, I have to have some words about the targeting… again. This banner appeared in Lake Balaton temporary section of [origo]. Honestly, I haven’t seen it anywhere else. This shows to me that whoever booked this ad thought that they can reach the trendy fans of sailing. Sailing at lake Balaton is getting to be trendier and trendier over the past few years. I might take it wrong however as couldn’t find the ad other Balaton related content, that might be much popular then this one. Like here, or here. But I even have a better option the reach sailing lovers, guess what, Such a surprise?!

If my guess about targeting is wrong then I am really curious about a better one. 😉

But getting back to the fantastic headline, as wanting to explore the new XF, I clicked on the banner. See for yourself what happened:



I know the resolution is not perfect. So here is what happened. After clicking, I got an error message. Then after refreshing, it happened again. Then after reloading the whole page and clicking the same page reloaded with the same Jaguar banner. To summarize my experience with Jaguar XF:

  • boring elegant banner
  • simple but attractive call-to-action
  • error message after clicking
  • no satisfaction.

If Jaguar does not want to look an expensive Ford Mondeo (some may think it is anyway) then it really has to do it harder. Whenever it appears, in TV, in print and in online, they have to make sure they are charming enough for the target audience who have many many other choices. An appearance like this does not help to bring back the ancient glitter of Jaguar.

You know, when you have a presentation in online marketing you can easily be popular by showing bad examples of thematic targeting.

Let me show you some good Hungarian ones:


The article is about a catastrophe in Amazonas. Inside the article there is a billboard about a rent-a-boat offer.


This article is about the unfortunate civil victims in Kenyan riots end of last year while the advertisement is a traveling offer to Kenya.

Now, I know that this issue in online advertising is not as simple as it seems. Because editors, Advertisers or agencies cannot investigate any single ad view. However it really should be an adserving problem. Adservers should treat these issues or at least media owners should have a pressure on adserver providers. Here in Hungary is the biggest provider of such failures as it is the most popular news portal. I am sure though that you have many other good local/international examples for bad thematic targeting.

In the meantime Adweek has published the results of a recent research by Yahoo! and MediaVest that says thematic targeting is not a guarantee of successful communication. I would add that thematic targeting also has a very offline approach. I mean that online marketing offers so many ways to target your message. Even to optimize your ad in the middle of the campaign. Than why is still thematic targeting the most popular way to target messages online? Actually it’s the same question of why Advertisers still invest into banner creatives… and let others to have the competitive edge.

This post was inspired by an ad published on a health portal’s main page. They called my attention to the risk of glaucoma. The message is: Do you have scales on your eyes? Visit our new section about glaucoma.

Now I have appr. 15-20 years to start thinking on it plus I have to point that not even 2% of people above 40 might get this disease. However they dared to put that message into a layer which is one of the most aggressive creative space as you cannot avoid it.

I am sure that most of you know these basic advantages of online advertising:
1. You can plan your mediamix on exact figures
2. You can measure exactly the number of appearances and the interaction rate
3. You can optimize your running campaign while it is running.

This health portal as it happens has a database of their readers. Why don’t they put simply that message to those ones who are interested in that topic. Plus why don’t they use less aggressive creative format like superbanners, textlinks etc.

In today’s online advertising you have the opportunity to create useful ads for your audience. Useful means that the customer doesn’t think someone wants to sell something to her/him. They are grateful for the information. The message also can be relevant but not useful which is still a better option than the useless distracting ones. If they don’t target the message based on my interest only my age then it may be relevant. If they target the message based on my browsing habits and interest (eg: they see I make comments in their eye-related forums and they know that I am above 45 then this message can be useful (especially if the content I find there is good).

As there is a huuuuuuuge content supply in today’s digital world you need to market your product. But besides I am sure those ones will be popular who care for their audience. And those ones who deliver useful messages to their readers will have an advantage against those ones who don’t.

Actually do you have good examples? Comment it!