You may find many examples for autotelism when you browse up the most popular Hungarian portals. That’s because most of the advertisers are not educated enough to appear online with their message.

Accordingly, most of them are not worth to mention unless you want to create a funny collection of online ads. However, there is a good initiative by a portal for women, Femina. It’s a new generation of sticky ads.


See the banner on the bottom of the screen that sticked to there no matter where you navigate.


Unfortunately, there is no sense using it – at least not for this advertiser with this creative. It’s a general message for a common product. Unless you have a very good argument using such an inpolite creative format, it’s a bad idea using it. Visitors rather get mad when they realise they have to see it always wherever they navigate inside the portal that is also bad for the media.

When you have a good creative format don’t just use for it’s own sake. Create a conception around it.