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Because Vodafone Hungary did. Professional work, by the way. One thing you should know about layers: It is always a challenge – ok these days it’s just getting better – placing a layer properly on a site that contains other embed – or flash content running. For some online media it is still an impossible question. Anyway, see how smoothly it runs on Vodafone Hungary’s own portal:


watching in full size is recommended


  • the dimensions of the flash are optimized for wide screens (that have lower heights) too
  • links work beneath the flash animation
  • the superbanner flash zone works together with the animation
  • the animation works properly under IE and Firefox too
  • the file size of the overlay is 62kb which is relatively small – runs weaker PCs too without problems.

This is a good example of banner combination and an overlay too. Well done!


The fact is that Hungary took the 13th position in the overall rankings of the 2004 Athens Olympic games medals beating Greece, Canada, Spain and many much bigger countries. You can go back in time, you will find even better results but my guess is that we may be in the top 15 in Beijing too.

Therefore I find it really interesting, that Vodafone marketing decision-makers decided to create online content around the Hungarian Waterpolo Team, even though Volvo has been doing it for ages. (Okay, I know the design is crap but let’s belive that it is because all the money goes to the sport. 🙂 ) Plus Soproni (a Hungarian beer brand) also has an initiative released three month ago to support the waterpolo guys in Beijing here.

Of course, I am happy if sponsorship money helps our sportsmen to have a quality preparation period, or a better lifestyle. But is that a good message for Vodafone to be the No. 3. sponsor of the Hungarian waterpolo? Do they think that fencing, swimming or kayak/canoe is not mainstream enough?

This is a very interesting and complex theme. Try to be straight to the topic then.

Let’s see first, what is the most popular online entertainment activity (source: WIP 2007 Hungary):

Entertainment activities on the Internet

Guess you knew that anyway, but marketers need charts and diagrams to be able to make decisions so there you go. In the meantime offer legal and free (???) music online seems to be a success whatever you do over the communication. The art is to link your brand to it.

Now, we know that Coca-Cola and iTunes teamed up last year. What you don’t know is that iTunes is not available from Hungary (or at least limited usage). So Coca-Cola Hungary lost the opportunity to co-brand Coke with the trendy Apple brand. And the second thing is – as in my previous post I wrote for another field – that this market is way over-regulated so there is a huge unnecessary administrative cost for the Advertiser if they want to provide music legally.

Isn’t it great the Coca-Cola Hungary still made it with I really want to know how big budget they have. Their newest attraction is that they offer exclusive Rihanna content:

I found their ad on music portals so it seems that they use only thematic targeting. Well, they don’t risk too much. 🙂

Vodafone Live! is a successful project here in Hungary. In our country, the mobile internet market is not liberated so they are not really in a though situation. Your opening WAP page is either t-zones (T-Mobile), Pannon W@p (Telenor) or Vodafone Live! depending on which mobile provider connect you to your beloved ones. Today there was a big expandable VL display ad on the most popular news portal’s main page offering Madonna content:

It opens only when you click which is a pity (you lose clicks as visitors need to click once again to reach the landing page) it would be better by mouse-over but it is really impressive.

Why this communication is worth to mention is that is has a music link and secondly because mobile providers’ campaigns are usually focusing on their tariffs or newest devices. Even though we have here a Sony Ericsson screen and additional offer this campaign is an interesting one.

Anyhow, music seems to be a good choice to invest in.