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You buy (or arrange anyhow) one of the most expensive media space available online. You reach in one day 1/3rd of all local internet users. You have a superbanner plus a triplebanner at once that can be seen without rolling. What do you do?



CV Online has placed the same creative into the superbanner and the triplebanner. C’mon! They could have had a banner combination, they could have linked the two banners to each other. Once you have such a chance, you better think it twice how you use it!


This post is a sign of respect for those innovative advertisers and agencies who dare to shoot videos for online campaigns. I’ve already written about the poor tradition of placing TV copies into online creatives.

And I found something interesting in Unilever’s Knorr communication.



The conception is about publishing a series of videos of different recipes by Knorr. Knorr products support the snack culture for women: making cooking easy.

As people read less and less and online video consumption is growing like hell, building a conception on video content seems a good idea. The problem is the cost. Besides the production, a high capacity video streaming server (not for the website, rather for hosting the online creatives) costs a fortune, especially if the target audience is wide and we want wide reach and high frequency.

If you think though that the conception is fine but the execution of video content is childish with youngsters in vegetable costumes dancing, I agree. But maybe that is part of the conception and let’s believe that Unilever and McCann people are professional enough to double-check the creatives with target audience focus groups. They might find it amusing.

This post is not about about judging the creative itself anyway. Rather I wanted to encourage advertisers not to think only in TV copies if it comes to moving picture.

A small gag for the end. The 4th part of the Hungarian ‘American Idol’ called Megasztár will start this fall. The title of this Knorr series is Vegasztár reflecting to the hype of the Megasztár and the vegetables products contain. Sweet.

Since my fellow Hungarians translated Facebook to our language, I am really focused about how all the special Facebook language appears for me… and I’m enjoying it. Really. Good job!

I am also very pleased if I see a well-targeted social ad – in Hungarian. This time I show you a very-well positioned ad with a small mistake that makes it totally useless.



(For annotations please click on the video and watch it on Youtube original environment)

As you can see for yourself, they didn’t pay attention to define the click-through URL properly. Therefore the visitor is directed to the blog but may not find the content.

The good thing is that you may optimize the appearance in online campaigns anytime you find an error, somehow you cannot do in print/TV campaigns. The bad thing is that it’s Friday night and noone will take care of it until Monday.

Update: Bloggers work on the weekend too. Saturday afternoon I found the ad on Facebook working properly. That’s what I call vocation!