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2009: A good year for online marketers. Even though our original business plans might not have been met this year brought us more attention. Due to the shift in the marketing communication towards direct sales support, measuring results has become more important. Here in Hungary more CT-based campaigns were ordered than anytime before. Coca-Cola Hungary has created a digital marketing professional role (with real decision-making power) and get a local online expert for this position. The most popular local advertising magazine‘s editors have heavily been using Facebook to promote their latest articles while it’s forum is finally become live and the amount of online-related content has also been growing significantly.

The last quarter’s (some might say the year’s) biggest communication failure was also an online-driven one that was covered in all types of offline media.

But the most important  change I feel is that brand managers, marketing managers and marketing directors listen much more to us than before. They really want to know more about the opportunities digital channels may provide.

Our task in 2010 is to live with this possibility. There is no need to sell the digital ideas with rich garnish and formats that serves only to sell the idea. In 2010 I believe we’ll have much more freedom in creativity therefore I expect higher quality level of Hungarian digital works. Over the past years the most common answer to the growing ad noise was bigger, stronger, harder. I expect that in 2010 it will be: smarter.

My fellow Hungarian online marketing colleagues, be partner in that!