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Branded brands are not unique in Hungary either. But, what I just show you here is, I think.

Sex and the City is the new star in the Hungarian movies since 5th of June. Of course, its core target audience are women (rather 25-39 urban style). But there are many brands that want to reach the same group and would happy to take advantage on what Carrie Bradshow means to these people.

On this shot I have for you today (actually was captured on, that also pretend to be a very trendy portal for young women), you can find two banner ads that are co-branded with Sex and the City.



The one on the top of the page is about an international promotion by Mercedes – which is a cool thing as for some strange reason Mercedes doesn’t use online media here in Hungary too often.

The other one is also a joint promotion by Mars Delight. So, Sex and the City is a sexy thing, on this very portal, too sexy.