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No, it’s not an interstitial – but almost. Have you ever measured the dwell time on a social networking portal entry page? Not much, especially not if you are a frequent visitor. Your focus is on typing your password correctly – and after hitting enter that’s it, you are in and entry page is gone.

Now, you may play around with the message reflecting on the only activity you do on an entry page and that may grab the visitor’s attention but placing any contextless game there is a waste of money. Lot of money. Next time, don’t just buy a very remarkable and expensive ad space, take the time and think about what you are placing there.



We (Magyars) don’t like changes. We are crying for good old things and many of us are living in the past. This kind of averseness to change is a challenge for news or community portals. They need to renew themselves every once in a while by offering new services using the latest technology and avoiding being boring.

So, what if it’s time to renew yourself? I like the way [origo] – one of the top Hungarian news portal – handled it. They put notes on the brand new opening page that are clickable in order to get more information on content sections. But you can easily close them if you want and – very important – with one click you can bring them back again.

One thing though – this feature is useful rather for non-experienced users. I would not use slangs for copy. Still, it’s just a fillip.