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Euro2008. 16 teams. 14 languages. Make it 15 even though there is no participant from the UK.

Adidas is sponsoring a Euro2008 section on a very mannish portal,



They also placed a banner ad on the opening page:



It says in Hungarian ‘Dare to dream’ and ‘Impossible is nothing’ while ends with a Hungarian link. But when you click on the banner or on the header you get directed to an English language football portal that has no other language option. I am really interested what is the bounce rate of Hungarian users.

Nike also had an impressive integrated campaign before the Euro2008 that was really engaging and had Hungarian creatives and an international landing portal without Hungarian language option. But at least Euro2008 participants found their own version.

Now Adidas’ way is clear. They decided to have one portal only in English, whoever speaks may understand, English is the no. 1. language in the world anyway… but I don’t understand Nike’s decision, once they create a CMS that has different languge versions and they run a big integrated campaign with sponsored channels on videosharing portals, print and TV ads why don’t they spend a couple of thousand USDs for the local version?! You know what they miss is a deeper engagement with their consumers.

Ok, you can say that Hungary with its 10mln population is a small market, but trust me there are enough local content for users not to spend too much time on branded stuff in English. Nestle and Coca-Cola know that.