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Organizing professional conferences and workshops on a small market is not easy. In addition, the economy and social crisis in the CEE region makes it an even bigger challenge as companies save money on such “luxurious expenses”.

Therefore the organizers of the Digital Festival 2009 may be proud of their results because of two things. They managed to fill the venue and they could attract leaders to join as speakers from international digital agencies.

One of the initiatives however was a bit pointless and strange. Participants received opt-out contextless wap-push messages onto their mobiles. The text-based content on the links was either a promotional message of a local TV channel (wtf cares???) or a poem that was actually part of the program sometime over the day but without any note on the purpose.

Honestly, it is a small thing, why I tought it worth to mention is that the whole program was so professional even on international level, do help incompetent sponsors socialized on TV promotions in thinking of promoting their services that may fit into the context of the festival’s theme and schedule.


Since Kirowski‘s last year Xmas activation was so bloody successful, I really looked forward to see how interactive agencies go with this years’ Xmas greetings. OK, this will not be a long post but at least what Carnation presented is available in English. Well, I am afraid that’s all I may list… unless I do this video greeting from them too. I have nothing from Arcus or Neo Interactive either.

In the meatime, there is this fantastic Xmas collection by BannerBlog. It is not Hungarian but is very inspiring. You know, you can’t start planning too early for 2009 winter holiday season…