As there are more promotions with online focus, we can see more and more banners with prize or other brand’s messages. In addition, I have experienced that advertisers make wrong decisions by emphasizing too much the prizes (or other brands) while the audience may not even realize who is the real advertiser.

We can clearly state there is one user out of a thousand who clicks on the banner and can see for themselves the organizer of the promotion or – I put it this way – the company who pays for the appearances.

I know it is a though question how much branding a promotional banner should have. But do you really think an iPhone, a MINI, a Nintendo Wii or your other trendy prize is all your banner may talk about?! Anyone?

Some examples:



I really wonder what is the point of the Intel logo throughout the whole animation while it turns out only at the end that it is a Toshiba banner. (I love the nerd concept though)

Another banner with brands and products, highlighting services and a very small branding at the end:



Most of the time, promotion is a one-off thing. However, the promotion organizers may learn from the mobile SPs as no matter which phone or service they advertise, the branding is always there very consciously. Look out the newest Vodafone banner, the red cube with white body makes it easily identifiable:



Once again, what I am challenging is whether advertisers may afford not to differentiate their promotion by their own branding.