If you expect explanations here, or arguments for utilizing gif banners, you will be disappointed. I don’t have any. Cheery content!

Why I raised this topic is that a professional player, who has been acting on this market for ages now placed an animated gif banner onto the most visited social networking portal two days ago. You can find such banners on small portals from advertisers that just began advertising online, but it is really strange from someone like them. So while I show you the banner here below, I also try to figure out what happened with them?!


[Click on the banner to see the animation]


My scenarios are:

1. The advertiser prepared flash and back-up gif banners, but they uploaded only the gif banner into the adserver by mistake.

2. They paid an animator to create a nice cartoon banner, but due to the economic crisis, they cut the budget meanwhile, therefore it couldn’t be finished, but as they invested they put it live.

3. They just came back from an american marketing course for small businesses and learned the newest trends of online marketing.

4. They are targeting to IT guys who eat pizzas, drink cola, check photos of colleagues on iWiW and block flash content.