I guess if you are over some digital projects then you know the problem of creating online campaign creatives from sources that were made for an offline (TV, print) activation. Photos from which the main character cannot be cut on a proper way, illustrations where some layers are missing but need to be animated, TVCs to be used as they are for a videobanner…etc. These are usually the main reasons of lame banners that lead to failures in the online communication which may enhance brand managers that the online channel is not something worth investing in.

The creative solution I have for today is something I like very much. The agency had a 60sec TVC and by using the interactive annotations some videosharing portal provides they created side channels that made the TVC live and exciting. This is not the first time of course when an agency used this feature as a base of a commercial. But I like the way of thinking and the fact that the idea might have come after the TVC was ready. All the side channels contain narrations and texts only but it is still entertaining.

It is a pity that they couldn’t arrange putting behind this video some forum spamming activity so that the TA could find it easier. Though every second Hungarian internet user is using Youtube at least once a month they don’t use it the same way like the national videosharing portals where they go and browse the videos. As a Hungarian when you upload a video to Youtube or any other international videosharing site you may also assure that your fellow Hungarians may find it.