Have you ever heard about Windows Live Agents? OK, if you haven’t and don’t wanna read a whole Wikipedia page, in one sentence: Windows Live Agents are chatbots that in different topics provide info/entertain users that want to chat with them. They look like they are AI but they aren’t. They are programmed to respond automatically for certain type of questions.

Now this is really something unique, and congratulations to any agency who may sell a creative idea like that to an advertiser. Most of them would never understand what such type of communication stands for. In addition, WL Messenger has close to 1M UV per day which makes it one of the most visited online medium.

Coca-Cola Hungary has released an agent to support it’s online-based loyalty program, Take it, test it! It promotes all the services of Coke.hu that is focusing on music. Unfortunately, the chatbot is too simple, concentrates only for the promotion, you can’t really talk with it for a longer period of time which would really make it an experience. I hope it will be a success and Coca-Cola Hungary may invest in it because these kind of activations had a strong effect on brand love through the experience. I”m afraid at these times it’s not easy to remember how important that is.

If you liked it anyhow, click on the first link of this post that lists some very good chatbot examples and see for yourself how rich such an experience can be.