Did you know, that one of the most successful Hungarian export product is dulling people? Yes, we create those play and win ‘interactive TV shows’ in many country… In which you can win $100 if you call a number for $2/min.

Now I thought that ok, there is a certain level of TV audience who spend an awful lot of money for SMS or calls for nothing, sponsoring the operator and mobile SPs (who realize 40-60% of the revenue). But I thought, it would never work online. No, because people have so much free activity options.

Guess what, one of the biggest Hungarian online full-service agency (some interesting info bout them here in comments) just released a project (called MrNoProblem), where you can wish something for one expensive SMS and other people may vote for your wish for another one. Bloody hell… I honestly hope they will fail with this, hate this business model, doesn’t create any kind of value.