…sounds like a top WordPress post. But, this is not cultofmac, nor mobiletechaddicts. 😛 – As iPhone and it’s biggest Challenger was released at the same time in Hungary, it worth to have a look on their digital launch communication. Of course, both conception is about the pure product.




iPhone uses the distribution power of T-Mobile, Hungary’s biggest mobile SP. And it works. Some of the colleagues already have their newest toy thanks to their preorder registrations. But Samsung’s launch activation is much more interesting. They created a very simple microsite for the campaign where they promise the first 300 registered owner a guaranteed home theater system.

The method is simple. Before buying the phone, you may register on the site and then confirm your registration afterwards with all the details of buying. This is smart. However, I am not sure that the target audience of such an expensive mobile product is willing to register this way. I would love to see the results though!