I am so keen on writing about this topic, but it just won’t fit into one post. As more and more promos go online, attempts of standing out of the promo noise has been becoming more and more desparate. What are the advantages of an online-based promotion?

1. Sending codes online is easier for consumers and cheaper for them than getting consumers to cut a piece of barcode, put in an envelope and send it via post.
2. Building a database is much easier via online than collecting and process flyers.
3. Measuring and evaluating results is more simple than in an offline promo.
4. Keep contact with the so called ‘loyal customers’ is more simple and cheaper.

The only problem is that many Advertiser doesn’t take it seriously. Online world is too mystifying for them so they are not sure what to do. They start thinking of the promotion with their offline approach anyway. The main difference between online and offline approach is that online promotions need continuous animation. And yes, continuous media support. A general Internet user visits the same 6-8 sites eighty percently, so a new site/portal may aim the rest 20. And trust me, even if you get them to visit your site one time, next time they won’t remember.

As an online expert I have experienced many times that Advertisers don’t have the submission to investigate into their target groups’ online consuming habits, they just go for the easier way. Agencies could navigate them, but they are not motivated for testing and experiment the best ways for communication. They are pushed to deliver media plan and creative conception on time as the promotion has to start with no delay.

It is a though situation that many times end up with bad results and failures caused by unprepared or copied conceptions. What I am planning here is to highlight all some of them. The ones that are intesting. It seems to have a hot summer. 🙂