Another automotive banner… too bad, ain’t it?! I am really sorry, but I need to highlight it. At least here we have new problems.

This experience really takes me back to the early years of online advertising. We have a static picture on a banner placement. OK, you can say that Jaguar is so luxurious that they are allowed not to use flash animations such as switching on the lights… or a TV copy videobanner is even more cheap so let’s say it is elegant. So is the headline by the way: Explore the XF and some arrows to get visitors to click.

Before I go and see what happens after clicking, I have to have some words about the targeting… again. This banner appeared in Lake Balaton temporary section of [origo]. Honestly, I haven’t seen it anywhere else. This shows to me that whoever booked this ad thought that they can reach the trendy fans of sailing. Sailing at lake Balaton is getting to be trendier and trendier over the past few years. I might take it wrong however as couldn’t find the ad other Balaton related content, that might be much popular then this one. Like here, or here. But I even have a better option the reach sailing lovers, guess what, Such a surprise?!

If my guess about targeting is wrong then I am really curious about a better one. ūüėČ

But getting back to the fantastic headline, as wanting to explore the new XF, I clicked on the banner. See for yourself what happened:



I know the resolution is not perfect. So here is what happened. After clicking, I got an error message. Then after refreshing, it happened again. Then after reloading the whole page and clicking the same page reloaded with the same Jaguar banner. To summarize my experience with Jaguar XF:

  • boring elegant banner
  • simple but attractive call-to-action
  • error message after clicking
  • no satisfaction.

If Jaguar does not want to look an expensive Ford Mondeo (some may think it is anyway) then it really has to do it harder. Whenever it appears, in TV, in print and in online, they have to make sure they are charming enough for the target audience who have many many other choices. An appearance like this does not help to bring back the ancient glitter of Jaguar.