I had this post about Volvo. It was not fair so I need to correct it. It was not fair because not only Volvo’s online creatives are clueless then about 80% of the big auto brands are. For today I brought a collection of BMW, Citroen, Renault and Lexus display creatives.

You may challenge me whether the automotive brands need creativity in online advertising. As they just need wide reach and the traditions – potential customers have – and brand value will sell the product anyway. Well, is that a good enough excuse not to create entertaining interactive ads?

The first one is BMW. They have this 5 series commercial that contain a 150pixel wide and 50pixel high product and some properties that are not unique at all as most of the middle class cars have all this.



It says that this BMW 5 Exclusive Edition offers leather carpet, lightweight alloy wheel rims and metal paint. Wow, that makes me buy this right now! I’m sure the copywiter didn’t read all the PR stuff BMW created – if you don’t have a good creative idea at least try to write a good copy. This is actually what Lexus did for 450h. It has the same clueless visualization, but at least there is a unique message:



Lower emissions, better performance… not in the future… now!  And then the branding.

But I want to highlight another harmful Hungarian online ad for the BMW image:



The only message here is that: BMW Premium Selection. We help you to choose. Don’t they need someone that help optimizing their online campaigns? 🙂

Here is another issue I may raise as it shows that the automotive sector has a serious lag in the online communication. They use their TVCs in their banners. That is so poor and takes us back to the past when the first videobanners appeared. I shot this yesterday from Renault. It is 100% the same as they run in the TV:



Why do they think that people want to see a 30sec TVC in a 300×250 pixel size billboard?

People at Citroen thought that yeah… it is embarrassing to use only the TVC so mix it with flash animation. Is it more exciting though?



Automotive companies burn a lot on advertising, here in Hungary as well. Why don’t they hack the online community with entertaining online advertising then? Just turn around and see what others do or adopt excellent international ideas.