You know, when you have a presentation in online marketing you can easily be popular by showing bad examples of thematic targeting.

Let me show you some good Hungarian ones:


The article is about a catastrophe in Amazonas. Inside the article there is a billboard about a rent-a-boat offer.


This article is about the unfortunate civil victims in Kenyan riots end of last year while the advertisement is a traveling offer to Kenya.

Now, I know that this issue in online advertising is not as simple as it seems. Because editors, Advertisers or agencies cannot investigate any single ad view. However it really should be an adserving problem. Adservers should treat these issues or at least media owners should have a pressure on adserver providers. Here in Hungary is the biggest provider of such failures as it is the most popular news portal. I am sure though that you have many other good local/international examples for bad thematic targeting.

In the meantime Adweek has published the results of a recent research by Yahoo! and MediaVest that says thematic targeting is not a guarantee of successful communication. I would add that thematic targeting also has a very offline approach. I mean that online marketing offers so many ways to target your message. Even to optimize your ad in the middle of the campaign. Than why is still thematic targeting the most popular way to target messages online? Actually it’s the same question of why Advertisers still invest into banner creatives… and let others to have the competitive edge.