This post was inspired by an ad published on a health portal’s main page. They called my attention to the risk of glaucoma. The message is: Do you have scales on your eyes? Visit our new section about glaucoma.

Now I have appr. 15-20 years to start thinking on it plus I have to point that not even 2% of people above 40 might get this disease. However they dared to put that message into a layer which is one of the most aggressive creative space as you cannot avoid it.

I am sure that most of you know these basic advantages of online advertising:
1. You can plan your mediamix on exact figures
2. You can measure exactly the number of appearances and the interaction rate
3. You can optimize your running campaign while it is running.

This health portal as it happens has a database of their readers. Why don’t they put simply that message to those ones who are interested in that topic. Plus why don’t they use less aggressive creative format like superbanners, textlinks etc.

In today’s online advertising you have the opportunity to create useful ads for your audience. Useful means that the customer doesn’t think someone wants to sell something to her/him. They are grateful for the information. The message also can be relevant but not useful which is still a better option than the useless distracting ones. If they don’t target the message based on my interest only my age then it may be relevant. If they target the message based on my browsing habits and interest (eg: they see I make comments in their eye-related forums and they know that I am above 45 then this message can be useful (especially if the content I find there is good).

As there is a huuuuuuuge content supply in today’s digital world you need to market your product. But besides I am sure those ones will be popular who care for their audience. And those ones who deliver useful messages to their readers will have an advantage against those ones who don’t.

Actually do you have good examples? Comment it!